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I just finished playing this, and wow, the artwork and animation is gorgeous! The dynamic camera angles in various shots of this visual novel, and the amount of hand-painted animation is a breath of fresh air and looks amazing. Excellent work, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Carrot: Pancakes and Waffles.


omg!!! the art is so nice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3 best hour of my life playing this!


hello! I really like the game and the art but I keep having the art on the sides and any dialogue that gets too close to the edge be cut off ... is there a way to run a windowed mode or adjust the aspect ratio??

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Oh, that was not supposed to happen. I am very sorry. I have set the game so that you can Alt + Enter to switch to windowed mode. Maybe you coud try that and that window should also be resizeable. Hope that helps! Very glad you like my art and thank you for giving my game a chance!


thank you!!



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I haven't come across such beautiful artwork in such a long time, I'm absolutely ENRAPTURED by your art. It's been years since I felt so moved like this at art, seriously. I'll be giving the game a play but I just had to comment and compliment this, omg. I'm seriously SO stunned right now. You need to be famous and in every gallery worldwide. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Picasso who??? They're SHAKING right now.